Prevent Thread Shedding

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Nothing is more beautiful than a colorful quilt right? And variegated thread such as King Tut or Fantastico can add so much color and dimension. I know, inwardly you groan because you may have had problems with this type of thread breaking and/or shredding. As you know there is nothing worse than sewing along and […]

Quilting ABC’s

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You’ve seen your grandmother and great grandmother’s quilts and they are so pretty.  But over the years, the colors have faded and maybe there’s a hole here and there so you think to yourself, “I could do that.  I could make my own quilt with new fabric (they’ve got so many colors and choices) and […]

How to Find a Longarm Quilter

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Wow!  Look at that quilt top that you just put the last border on.  Whew – it’s finally finished!   You’ve spent hours cutting out 600 1” squares, hours cutting out 100 2” squares not to mention the time it took to cut the correct amount of strips at just the right length for the […]

About Making Quilts

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Welcome to the Making Quilts blog!  We are very happy you are here and we hope to provide you with some helpful insights into the quilting world and provide some quilting services if you need them.  We specialize in embroidery, applique, longarm quilting, sewing, and everything else in the needlework discipline.  Please look around at […]