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Needlework Estimates

No Obligation Estimates

In our mind there is nothing better than taking material, thread, and a dash of love to make you a custom piece. So we offer estimates to help make the process as easy as possible.

So why estimates and not straight orders? Since we design and customize every quilt or needlework piece for every individual customer we don’t carry very much stock. We provide estimates to give you a starting price point and to give MaryAnn and Cathy a general idea for the materials needed and how long the project will take. From there MaryAnn and Cathy will contact you to get the details of your idea.

Just to get you thinking, it is very common for customers to do the piecing for a quilt but they don't have access to a longarm quilter. We can help with that. It is also common for customers to have a great idea but they don't want to bother with anything; they just want a custom piece for a loved one. We can totally do that.

So whether you need something minor done or something from scratch, we are more than happy to help you out. If you have something in mind you can explain it as best you can in the form or you can contact us any way you like.

Collaborate with Making Quitls

Tell Us Your Idea

  • Who's the quilt or custom piece for?
  • What size would you like?
  • What style of quilt would you like?
Making Quitls gets to work

We Get To Work

  • We start designing your quilt!
  • We will keep in close touch through the process.
  • We let you know the total cost of fabric.
Making Quitls ships your quilt

We Ship Your Custom Quilt

  • We will let you know when we ship your quilt.
  • You receive your quilt.
  • And our favorite part happens; you love your quilt!

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