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Traditional Quilts

Starting at $400

Traditional quilts are classic, timeless, and beautiful. These are quilts that are crafted with patterns that originated before 1970 and consist of traditional patterns and fabrics. They are also the most common type of quilts made in the United States. When most people think of quilts, these are the patterns and designs they envision.

Modern Quilts

Starting at $400

Modern quilts are anything outside of the traditional realm. These quilts tend to have bold colors and high contrast, inspired by modern design. Traditional patterns with non-traditional fabric, colorful abstract shapes with a simple background, or whole cloth quilts with a modern quilted design are all examples of quilts that are considered modern. We flourish in this area because we can create anything you can dream of.

Baby Quilts

Starting at $250

We call them Discovery Quilts since there are tons of colors and fine details for little ones and babies to find and explore. As with all of our needlework and quilting pieces, all Discovery Quilts are made from the highest quality material so they are soft to lay on and beautiful look at. Like all of our work, Discovery Quilts are made to last and be used daily.

Whole Cloth

Starting at $300

Created from one piece of material, whole cloth quilts allow the eye to come upon the small and intricate details of quilting, embroidery, and appliqué. Initial glances show off little at first but draw people slowly into studying the quilting and then often end with a smile. Classic whole cloth pieces are traditionally used as bed runners, table runners, placemats, and wall hangings. But there is no reason to think whole cloth quilting cannot be applied anywhere in the needlework art.

Ribbon Quilts

Starting at $150

We meet a lot of people who have won ribbons from horse shows, dog shows, and every other type of show. There are so many ways to get ribbons and every one of those ribbons will mean something different to each person who won them. Ribbon Quilts are a great way to put all your special ribbons together with thoughtful design and foresight. We know there is no way to replace your ribbons so we make sure to take care of them and keep in constant communication with you about the design of the quilt and how we plan to use your ribbons in the overall design.

Keepsake Quilts

Starting at $125

Keepsake Quilts have a personality all their own. We give these special forethought and planning so we can portray your memory with the utmost care. We make it a priority to keep in constant communication with you so you know exactly where your keepsake quilt is in the quilting process. Special people and events are a gift in life and we love translating those gifts into needlework memoirs that will last over a lifetime.